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Local Chapter of the Month

Recognizing the Local Chapter of the Month is a crucial aspect of acknowledging and rewarding our chapter's dedication and contributions. We understand that the current point system for assessing chapter performance relies heavily on meeting attendance and community engagement. To make this recognition process more comprehensive and fair, we propose the following points-based system. 

Note: Local chapters that have been recognized can still earn the Local Chapter of the Month title again the next month and the following. This ensures ongoing motivation and opportunities for all chapters to excel. In the event of a tie, the Board will break the tie with anonymous votes from board members, guaranteeing impartial decisions and fair recognition.

Local Chapter of the Month - Points 

Meeting Points:

  • Full Attendance (2 points): Members who attend meetings on time and remain until the end will earn the maximum points. This encourages punctuality and active participation. Note: points are awarded to each attendees.

  • Partial Attendance (1 point): Members who either attend meetings late or leave early will still receive recognition for their effort but with a lower score. This acknowledges their presence while emphasizing the importance of full participation.

Event Hosting Points:

  • Event Hosting (2 points per day): Local chapters can earn 2 points for each day of hosting an event. For example, a one-day event would earn 2 points, while a two-day event would earn 4 points. If a one-day event includes both day and night activities, it will be given 4 points, recognizing the comprehensive and engaging nature of the event. This system acknowledges the effort put into organizing events and provides flexibility for events with diverse activities.

Communication and Deadline Responsiveness Points:

  • Effective Communication (up to 2 points): Chapters demonstrating effective and timely communication, such as responding to inquiries within 24 hours can earn up to 2 points.

  • Deadline Responsiveness (up to 2 points): Local chapters that consistently meet deadlines can earn up to 2 additional points.

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